My Mission: 

Live An AWESOME Life And Help Others Do The Same

What Would Have to Happen For You To STOP Living The Life You Think You’re “Supposed” To Live, And START CREATING THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT?

Only A Few Years Ago… 

After chasing one too many shiny objects in search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I ran us completely out of money and ended up losing our home.

It’s almost impossible to imagine the gut wrenching pain, embarrassment and overwhelming guilt as I finally admitted to the love of my life that I had failed…and we wouldn’t have a home at the end of the month.

We were fortunate though…

A family friend let us stay in a small pool house on her abandoned county property, in exchange fixing it up enough to make it inhabitable.

At least we had a roof over our heads. Which was something to be grateful for.

I was optimistic that I would quickly get us back on our feet and all would be right again.

After a few months of grinding away at anything I could do to make a few bucks, a light at the end of the tunnel was emerging.

But it got worse…

Somehow through a tangled web of legal BS, the bank was able to swoop in and drain EVERY LAST PENNY from my accounts…

They even charged me to do it!

Checking account = – $16

Savings = $0

We were left with nothing more than the $7 in my pocket…

I got angry…I yelled… I fought…

But it was all gone.

Nothing I could do…

There was just enough gas in the car to make it back into town.

Only a few days food left in the house.

I was terrified!

WTF was I going to do?

I finally slumped over and cried like a baby.

It seemed like the worst day of my life, but…

What I learned that day changed our lives forever… 


>>Fast forward>>


Within 6 Months of that day, I Moved Us Into A Beautiful Oceanview Home, Had The FREEDOM To Surf Every Day, Spend Tons Of Time With My Beautiful Wife, And Travel 5 Months Each Year.  


– I Created EXACTLY The Life I Really Wanted –