Travis, What do you actually do to make money? 

Yep, that’s probably the most common question I get…

The super short story is that I create and buy a TON of Facebook ads to drive new customers to high integrity direct response offers that I believe in.   (Personally managing over $10 million of FB ad spend per year) 

I love this business because mastering paid traffic has allowed me to virtually make money on demand, and the foundational principles to be successful are essential to any successful  business (and life).

Very rarely,  I also work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to improve profitability AND add more FREEDOM/ AWESOMENESS to life.

If you’re interested in working with me there are a few things you should know…

#1 NO, You can’t pick my brain!  

Because I have spent dozens of years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the expertise that resides between my ears,  I share what’s in there ONLY with my clients and partners.  There are no free consultations or chats for a “quick question” 

#2 Working with me is not cheap… 

My super power for creating online marketing campaigns that convert is one of extreme leverage.  And thus each hour that invest in working on any project must produce over $1500 in personal revenue.  If you implement on my advice you’ll make a shit ton more money, plain and simple.   So expect at least $1500 an hour as a standard consulting rate.

#3 I Only work with cool people… 

If you’re just in business to make a quick buck… I’m not the guy for you.  I work with people I like, who genuinely care about both their clients and business partners.

If you have a great product, that serves clients well, has solid conversion data, you’re willing to invest in the growth of your business, and you’re generally a cool person to hang out with… then we may have some fun working together to deliver more Awesomeness into the world and make a boat load of money 🙂

If you’re still interested in working with me directly please use the contact form and introduce yourself…

I share more detail and some of the specific tactics I use to make money, in my  AWESOME LIFE HAPPY HOUR email.   (you can join for free below)



AWESOME Life Happy Hour is the daily email magazine where I honestly and openly share EVERYTHING about creating an AWESOME Life, like…

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>> Discovering the AWESOME Within You, and Letting It Out. 

>> Developing the STRENGTH and ENERGY of a Super Hero.

>> Mastering Relationships so that You Feel More Connected and Supported. 

Nothing is off limits at Happy Hour, as long as it's AWESOME!

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